Borus Fortuin (borus.fuckyea) is a ignorant style tattoo artist and illustrator who emphasizes on social issues like identity, gender and the human-tech relationship. He has playful and minimalistic linework and works with pen and paper.

Currently working at Stay Classy Tattoo in Schiedam. If you’re interested in getting a ignorant style tattoo, you can pick a ready design from my flash sheets (on Instagram) or contact me to discuss your ideas. I’d love to hear what I could mean for you. Get in touch!

From a young age, I discovered the limited emotional expression men are confined to. We're expected to channel our feelings in defined ways – anger and destruction or pride and victory. In the world of Hollywood, our role models are cowboys, warriors, and superheroes; they don't wear purple, and they don't cross their legs.

Following my mother's passing, I found solace in my art, particularly in Ignorant Art. It's a style defined by raw simplicity, black-and-white sketches, and unpolished lines. For me, it’s about capturing the unfiltered moment, embracing imperfections to convey the artist's humanity. I decided to adopt these principles on paper – start drawing and let whatever emerges take form.

Ignorant Art can be ironic, but I tend to steer clear of that. It's ideal for candidly expressing emotions, where irony often masks them. While humor may thread through my drawings, my main goal isn't to make people laugh. Instead, it's about unearthing beauty in imperfection and revealing our shared humanity. I connect this style with poetry; it serves as a bridge between my thoughts and emotions, focusing on emotional landscapes rather than specific situations.

Open vulnerability almost feels like an act of rebellion for a me. It doesn't fit within the stereotypical bounds of male expression I’ve been thought. In the quest to defy 'toxic masculinity’, traditional symbols of manhood often get discarded. In my view, a love for explosions and monster trucks should not preclude enjoying the color purple or sitting with legs crossed. The 'Ignorant' approach allows me to deconstruct the prevailing image of masculinity, showcasing that vulnerability and strength can coexist. I'm creating fresh archetypes for the collective consciousness and, more importantly, new role models for boys and men. 


Here’s some people and companies Borus worked with or for:

Amsterdam Alternative · Boijmans van Beuningen · CBK · Crosley · DJ Overdose · Feijenoord · FNV Voor 14 · FNV Young & United · Gemeente Rotterdam Havenmuseum · Kunsthal Rotterdam · Las Palmas · Luca Krow · Museum Rotterdam · Paterzonen · Stay Classy Tattoo · Squish · Theater Zuidplein · The Fall Gallery Vancouver · Time Window · Vers Beton