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Borus works on commission. Most of the works on this website and on his instagram are available as originals or as art print.

Borus says this about his work: 

‘My dreams don’t consist of travelling the world or making a lot of money. I dream of having peace with myself and my surroundings.  

My work gives the viewer insight in my most secret feelings and thoughts. I study all of the strange coils that make me do what I do and say what I say. The most remarkable ones I put down on paper. In this, the paper is the mirror of my soul. The paper is where my Grande Voyage is made visible. I encounter insecurities, shames, feelings of loneliness and lack of recognition. I want to make more space for these kind of ‘shady’ feelings in our society.  

This journey doesn’t need to be a very grave one though. I walk the paths where I didn’t dare to tread before, I visit vulnerable places, and find a lot of humor in there as well. There is a very playful and cheeky spirit there, haha!’

Here’s a long and extensive list of people and companies Borus worked with or for:

Aasgieren · Arbitrair · Atelier Abne · Atelier Herenplaats · Boijmans van Beuningen · CBK · Elmgreen & Dragset · Feijenoord · Filmtheater Cinerama · FNV · Gemeente Rotterdam Havenmuseum · Kunsthal · Las Palmas · Museum Rotterdam · Natuurhistorisch Museum · Onderwijsmuseum · Swordfish & Friend · The Fall Gallery Vancouver · TIMEWINDOW · V2_ · VIPS · Wereldmuseum · Zondebok & ’t Zwarte Schaap