Sunny Heartbreak

Sunny and I, we have a very... Intimate relationship. Though nobody ever really saw us together in one room.

Throughout the years Sunny Heartbreak has done numerous performances. He has modelled, presented karaoke evenings, there was this time he was a bathroom attendant and now he has his very own livestream called the Heartbreak Hotline where he gives callers advice on matters of the heart.

Sunny may seem a little rough on the edges, almost macho even, but when you listen to what he has to say you'll quickly learn that he is quite the opposite. Here's a man who can talk about intimacy, love, sex and emotions without batting an eye. I like to see him a role model to boys and men who would like to show their sensitive side a bit more, but don't know how. He himself would probably describe it as "just being a gentle guy who knows his way 'round heartbreak".

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